Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Free Sewing Pattern---Kid's A-Line Dress for Sizes 6 to 12

I have created the most requested A-line dress sewing pattern for kids sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Here is the download link.

Pattern assembly is given below:

Seam allowances are included in the pattern.

Neck, shoulder, and armhole: 0.5 inch

Side seams: 1 inch 

Hem allowance: 1.5 inch

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

How to Draft a Summer Top with Yoke and Ruffled Sleeves

As summer is around the corner, today we will see how to easily draft a summer top with ruffled sleeves (frill sleeves) and a yoke style line at the front and back.

We will first draft this top using the A-line top pattern. Then we will add a yoke line with gatherings to change it to a breezy summer top. This top can also be worn as a pajama top.

[I have given the measurements in centimeters in boldface red-colored text for those who prefer using the metric system of measurements.]

A to B = full length of the top, from shoulder point at neck to the desired length (the top length usually ends between the waist and hip.)

A to C = half shoulder

B to D = 1/4 chest + 2 inches for kids (or 4 inches for ladies) [1/4 chest + 5.08 cms for kids (or 10.16 cms for ladies)]

A to F = C to E = 1/4 chest + 0.5 inch (or) scye depth + 1 inch [1/4 chest + 1.27 cms (or) scye depth + 2.54 cms] (both the measurements will be more or less the same). Since this is a loose-fitting top worn in summer, we can lower down the armhole depth under the arms. That's why 1 inch is added to the scye depth measurement. You can also use the exact scye depth measurement if you prefer.

F to G = 1/4 chest + 0.75 to 1 inch ease [1/4 chest + 1.905 to 2.54 cms ease]

C to H is 0.5 inch for kids and 1 inch for ladies [1.27 cms for kids and 2.54 cms for ladies].

A to I is 1/12 chest or as per your preference.

Join I with H.  IH is the shoulder slope.

Measure H to E. Mark a point L on HE which is half of the H to E measurement.

L to M = 0.75 inch [1.905 cms].

Draw the front arm curve and back arm curve as in the picture, using a French curve or just by hand.

Now we will draw the yoke style line. The yoke style line is usually drawn above the bust line [2.54 cms]. Here, we will calculate the depth of the yoke line A to N as three-fourth of the A to F measurement.

Draw the yoke style line from N, which touches the front arm curve at O and the back arm curve at P.

We will cut through the style line N-O to get the yoke part for the front and N-P to get the same for the back.

I wanted to add some gathers in the front and back skirt parts of the top for some fullness at the yoke line.  

For this, we need to increase the width of the skirt. So, we add N to Q = B to R =  3 to 5 inches [7.62 to 12.7 cms] as per the fullness you want.

A to J is back neck depth.

A to K is front neck depth.

Shape front and back necklines.

Now let's move onto the sleeve part. To draft the ruffled sleeve, you will have to measure the front and back arm curves, i.e., the armhole measurement. For this, you need to arrange the front and back pieces as shown in the picture or you can directly measure the armhole measurement on your body.

Then, to add ruffles to the sleeve, you need to double or triple the armhole measurement, whichever you prefer. 


In the picture above, I have kept A to B two times the armhole measurement.

C is center point of AB. Draw a perpendicular line from C and mark the sleeve width CD, which is usually 1 to 1.5 inches [2.54 to 3.81 cms]. We can increase the sleeve width according to our preference. Connect A-D-B. And our ruffled sleeve pattern ready.

The image below shows the pattern pieces. 

We need to add seam allowances to these pattern pieces. 

I will see you all soon with the sewing tutorial of this top.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Women's Kurta (Kameez) Free Sewing Pattern---Sizes XS to XXL---for Bust Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44

I have been working on this kurta (kameez) pattern for a while now, and finally it's ready to be posted today. I am so excited to share this pattern with you all.

This is a semi-fitted straight kurta with side slits from the hipline. I have used standard measurements to make this pattern.

You can increase or decrease the full length of the kurta and the sleeve length as per your wish. You can also change the front neck depth, add a little flare from the hipline to the bottom hemline, and make a slit at the center back and finish it with a button loop closure, if you prefer to do so.

You can also use this pattern to make a shift dress.

There are totally 49 pages. The pattern assembly is given below.  

The pattern download link is HERE. 

Note: Seam allowances are included in the pattern. 

Given below are the details of the seam allowances included in the pattern:

Kurta front and back pieces:

For neckline, shoulders, and sleeve cap, seam allowance is 0.375 inch.

For side seams: 1 inch

Hemline: 1.5 inches


For sleeve cap: 0.375 inch

For side seams: 1 inch

Sleeve hemline: 1.5 inches

Please check this link on my blog if you want to learn how to draft a kurta or kameez: Kameez pattern draft

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Free Sewing Pattern---Women's Kurta (or Kameez) Size XS (Bust Size 30)

Recently I drafted the pattern for women's kameez (or kurta) in size XS (for a bust size of 30 inches). This is a medium-fit kameez.

Ease is included in the pattern, but seam allowances are not included. Please add seam allowances as given below.

Seam allowances to be added to the pattern: 

Around neck: 0.50 inch

Sleeve cap: 0.50 inch

Sleeve hemline: 1.5 inches

Shoulders: 0.50 inch

Side seam: 1 inch

Bottom hemline 2 inches

Body measurements used in this pattern:

Bust round: 30 inches

Waist round: 24 inches

Hip round: 34 inches

I have drawn a small line at the front side seam and back side seam in the pattern to indicate where you have to start sewing the side slit. 

I have numbered the pattern pages from 1 to 15. Assemble the A4 pattern pages as given in the picture below and you will get your pattern together:

Here is the link to download the pattern: Kameez (kurta) free pattern pdf.  

Please check this link if you want to learn how to draft a kurta or kameez: Kameez pattern draft

I will soon post the kurta pattern in other sizes too. 

Note: You can find the kurta pattern in all sizes from XS to XXL at this link.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Free A-Line Dress Sewing Pattern for 18-Inch Dolls

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to share with you another new sewing pattern---an A-line dress for 18-inch dolls. Now you can make an A-line dress for your daughter's 18-inch doll to match with your daughter's A-line dress.

Here is the download link.

Pattern assembly is given below:

Seam allowances are included in the pattern. It is 0.25 inch on all the sides, except for the hem fold which is 1 inch.

Button extension is marked in the dress' back pattern, which is 1-inch wide.

A 0.25 inch seam allowance is included in the collar piece.

I have included grey triangle-shaped markers in each page in the pattern to help you match the pages easily. 

You can find the sewing tutorial here.

Happy sewing!