Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tutorial---A-Line Dress With Peter Pan Collar---How To Attach A Peter Pan Collar

Using the Peter Pan collar pattern (see this link) cut out four collar shapes (two collars and two facings).
Draw 1/4 inch seam line from the outer edge of each collar.
Join each color and its facing with right sides facing together.

Clip the curvy corners (as we did when we attached piping to the armhole), and then turn the collar inside out.

Pin the collars to the neckline from center front to back of the dress.

Sew the collars to the neckline once you have positioned them well.

The last step is to sew a bias tape to hide the raw inner edge of the collar. Cut 1.5-inch wide bias strip from the same fabric you used for the collars. The length of the bias strip can be a few inches more than the neck. Fold the bias strip in half, place it above the collar on the right side of the dress, and pin it around the neckline. See the images below.

Sew the bias strip leaving 0.5 inch of the strip (hem allowance) on both the corners of the neckline and cut the excess.
Turn the neckline to the wrong side. Clip from the top up to (but not into) the seam line to stretch the neckline to give your collar a nice shape.
Fold inside the 0.5 inch hem allowance you left on both the corners of the neckline and pin them.

Press the folds using your thumb. Remove the pins, fold down the bias strip, and pin it around the neckline.

To avoid the bias strip showing up on the right side, you need to pull it down and pin on the top as well as on the bottom of the strip. I didn't pin on the top before I hemmed it. Therefore you could see the strip peeping out a little (in the image second from last).

Hem the bias strip.

Your Peter Pan collar is ready now.

Tomorrow we will see how to sew a pocket to this dress.

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  1. thank you for this very clear tutorial! i am afraid of peter pan collars after having to pull out many, many stitches many, many times :D

    with your inspiration, i will try again :)