Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I've Found a New Shop and the Chevron Fabric I Needed...

Yeyyy.... I am jumping with joy. I finally found an Indian shop that sells cotton fabrics online, especially my favorite chevron print. The shop's name is The Square Inch. Please do check the shop's Facebook page. The owner of the shop is Tina Katwal who is also a Bernina dealer. I am so so so happy to have found this shop.

You will not only find fine quality fabrics and Bernina sewing machines in this shop but also sewing notions that are hard to find in India. Tina also conducts quilt classes and more, and she is very friendly. She is also the country's first woman to be a certified Bernina technician.

Are you a sewing and quilting enthusiast, then please do visit The Square Inch to find your favorites.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Online Fabric Shops in India

I recently searched for online fabric retail shops in India and found these. International shipping is available on most of these shops. Hope this list would be of help to those of you wanting to buy Indian fabrics online.

1. Samyakk

They sell a variety of gorgeous fabrics. From solid cottons, and silks to printed cotton, georgette, chiffon, and crepe, to embroidered, lace, brocade, and net fabrics, they have it all. They also sell trims and embroidered fabric patches.

2. iTokri

They sell mostly Indian hand block printed, natural dyed, batik, and handloom fabrics, and their collection is great.

A description on their website reads, "The process of printing and dyeing these fabrics uses seeds, bark, flowers, minerals, wheat, iron wastes, clay, lime , tree gums. The printing paste is made of imli seed powder. The fabric is boiled in big copper vessels. The synthetic dyes used are the first generation dyes, indigo and alizarin. This way of jugadu-natural-dyeing is the best way of eco-friendly dyeing at a reasonable price."


I especially like this seller yashbinani5414, as I have already bought many beautiful, super soft  fabrics (cotton, chiffon, crepe) from this seller. The seller is very very helpful. I received the fabrics within two days.


I found this website when I was browsing yesterday. They have a good collection of cotton fabrics that are suitable for making kurtas, kids dresses, night dresses, etc. They also sell other items such as laces, trims, salwar suits, patiala salwars, etc.

This seller also sells on


This shop also sells hand block printed cotton fabrics. Nice collection. I especially like this one---tribal village scene printed in indigo blue on white cotton fabric. But it was already sold out.

4. Exotic India

They sell hard-to-find Indian hand block printed, digitally printed, khadi, silk, and silk brocade fabrics.


Wonderful collection of Indian fabrics, trims, and laces. Prices are listed in U.S. dollars.


A shop to buy suiting fabrics.


You can find upholstery fabrics at this shop.


You can find shirting and trouser fabrics here.

This is what I've collected so far. Please let me know if you know any other online shops in India selling fabrics in retail. I will add them to this list.

I am looking for an online shop or seller in India that sells chevron print cotton fabrics (especially white with any color) as well as printed knit fabrics. But can't find one yet. I am crazy over chevron prints. Please let me know if any of you find such a shop or seller.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fabric Shopping Online---Modes4u

A few months ago I bought some fabulous fabrics from the Hong Kong-based online fabric shop.

Robert Kaufman zig-zag chevron fabric Remix Metallic

Black designer fabric Plume with peacock and flowers by Timeless Treasures

Brown poppy flower organic fabric by Birch Fabrics.

I love, love, love, ... these fabrics and am planning to make skirts or dresses for my kids.

I received the package within 10 days of ordering as the modes4u team had promised. Their customer service was excellent and the quality of the fabrics is great.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Next Tutorial Will Be...

Sailor collars. Yes, some of the readers have asked for this tutorial. and that's what I am working on now. As my baby sleeps more during day time and my elder daughter attends full-day senior kindergarten, I get enough time for sewing.

This is what I have done so far.

I am yet to finish the dress. The tutorial is almost ready. Watch out for the tutorial.

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me through your comments.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Our Bundle of Joy Has Arrived

A big hello to everyone! I have been waiting for almost three months to share the news that we have been blessed with a baby girl. She was born on June 1. She is cute and cuddly, and so sweet! I am spending most of my time playing with my two little angels.

I will soon meet you all with yet another sewing tutorial.

Have a happy weekend!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Pattern---A-Line Dress with Peter Pan Collar---Now Includes Sizes 4 and 5

Today I am very excited to post the free pattern for the A-line dress with Peter pan collar for sizes 3, 4, and 5 as per the request of some of the readers of my blog.

This is the link to download the pattern. 

Please print the pattern at 100%. Do not scale. The pattern pdf contains 1 pattern assembly page + 12 pages of pattern pieces. I have already posted a three-part step-by-step tutorial here. Seam allowances are included in the pattern as shown in the tutorial. Pocket is not included in the pattern, however you can easily make one by following the tutorial. A seam allowance of 3/4 inch is included in the pattern.

Please feel free to e-mail me at, if you have any questions regarding the pattern or the tutorial.

Note: My blog's link in the pattern assembly page should read, not Sorry for that. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Challenge---Sleeveless Top

I made a sleeveless top for my little girl yesterday night to pair with the rainbow shorts I made earlier.
I did not have enough time to take some snaps of my kid wearing the top. So, I just pictured the top with the shorts. The fabric I used is a cotton eyelet fabric. I lined it as it was very thin.

I am happy that I was able to complete at least three projects. I had been procrastinating these projects for long. But now KCW challenge has helped me finish them all, so I can find no more reason to postpone any more. My thanks to KCWC organizers.

I made a skirt too, but the hem is not finished yet. So I am not posting it for the KCW challenge. 

Kids Clothes Week Challenge---Tiered Ruffle Dress

I made a tiered ruffle dress following the tutorial at Mama Says Sew. Although this is not meant to be a project for the KCW challenge, due to the difficulty level of it (it involves making layers and layers of ruffles), I opted for it because I had already drafted the pattern I had cut the fabric pieces ready, and my daughter was very excited, and she kept on asking me when I will make the fluffy dress after I showed her the dress on Mama Says Sew website and told her that I was going to make one for her.

It took almost four hours straight for me to finish this dress. But the final outcome was worth the effort. I first thought of using white and two shades of pink. But my little one has many pink dresses, also when I searched my stash, I found some fabrics in blue shades. So I changed my mind and ended up using the same nautical colors as in the original. Also I liked the cool colors and my kid loved it too.

Her tutorial was easy to follow. The neckline was a little tricky and needed some effort, but came off well.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Challenge---Kids' Shorts

I made a rainbow colored shorts for my daughter for the KCWC 2014. I self-drafted it for size 4. I am happy that it came out well and my kid liked it very much.

Some action shots:

I also made a ruffled frock and a skirt, but have not taken any photos of those yet. Will share it in my next posts.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Challenge April 7--13, 2014

I am all geared up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge April 7--13, 2014. Here is a bundle of fabrics I have selected for this week's projects. I am planning to use some of the fabrics from this bundle. I have some more fabrics in reserve too, if nothing works out from this bunch.

I have not been much into sewing lately, but KCWC is one challenge that makes me start some work with my sewing machine, without searching for any excuses. Let me see how far I can go with this challenge. Fingers crossed........

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tutorial---How to Draft and Sew an 8-Gore Flared Skirt

Recently, I made an 8-gore flared skirt for my darling daughter. Today I am excited to share the pattern drafting and sewing tutorial for this girly, twirly skirt.

How to draft:

I developed this pattern from the A-line skirt draft (blogged here).

The draft shows 1/4th of the entire skirt. Draw a line EF that divides the 1/4th skirt into two gore panels. Label them 1 and 2. Measure up from D at center front to a point where flare breaks out (example = 4 inches). DH = FI = CG. Draw a curvy line connecting points G, I, and H, which is parallel to the hemline.

Extend the hemline CFD on both sides. Let us add flare to gore panel 2. Measure out from D to width of flare (example 1.5 inches). Mark it K and connect with H. Repeat for the other side of the panel. Measure 1/8 inch (0.125 inch) from K and J and label them L and M, respectively. Join L and M. Trace panel 2 and add 1/4 inch seam allowances at the top and at the sides and add 3/4 inch hem allowance. Repeat this process for gore panel 1.

Now you have two flared gore panels.

Remember, these two panels are for the front right side. You will have to mirror these pieces to get the two panels for the front left side. And then use these four panels to cut panels for the back of the skirt.

How to sew:

Serge or zig-zag each gore panel before joining. Join the front four panels with a 1/4 inch seam. Open the seams and press well. Top stitch on both sides of the seams.

Repeat this for the back of the skirt. And join the front and back of the skirt.

Hem the bottom. Attach the waistband and feed elastic into it (tutorial here). And you are done.

After finishing the skirt, I realized I shouldn't have used a fabric with bold prints (you can see in the image that the patterns do not match at the seams). So when you make a skirt like this, better opt for solid colors or fabrics with small prints.

Bye for now! Have a nice day!

--- Flora