Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tutorial: Tunic Refashioned into a Pinafore Style Dress

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Recently, I made a few dresses for my 3-year-old daughter which can be worn during spring and summer.

The first one is a pinafore dress refashioned from an embroidered tunic.


turned into this....

I used the plain blue part of the tunic for the straps and main fabric of the tunic, and the embroidered fabric for the yoke and ruffles. I attached two satin ribbon flowers (self-made) at the center front as I thought the pinafore looked a plain and boring.

This is how I did it:

1. Rip out the seams at shoulder, sides, and sleeves, and separate the front, back, and the sleeves (rip out the hems too) and iron them well.

2. Place the pattern templates on these pieces as shown in the below pictures.

3. Cut the pattern pieces for the pinafore. 

4. Make the straps. Take two strap pieces. With right sides together, sew together the long edges. Turn the strap inside out. Now bring the seam line on one edge to the center and press the strap (so that the seam line is hidden under). Repeat it for the other strap. (Sorry, I don't have the pictures for this step.)

5. Join the yoke and main fabric together.

 (Again, sorry, I don't have the pictures for the steps below)
6. With right sides of the yoke and yoke lining pieces together, sandwich the straps.
7. Join the sides.
8. Attach the ruffles at the bottom round of the pinafore. Add fabric flowers or other embellishments if you like.


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