Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Dress Tutorial---Part 3

Step 6: Join the side seams.

The dress is almost ready now.

Step 7: Join as many strips of cross-grain fabric as needed to make a long strip that is lengthy enough to cover the entire center front seam line and the front and back bottom hem line. Use this strip to pipe the center front and the hem line of the dress. Now we will learn the second method of piping a dress. Let us start from the top left of the center front and join the cross-grain strip to the left part of the center front with the fabrics' right sides facing together, and continue the same at the bottom hem shown in the photo below.

Continue this step for the back side and again for the front bottom hem line (right side as you did for the left side) until you reach the top right of the center front. You will have something like this.

Step 8: Now make two folds inward (that is, toward the wrong side), pin it, and then hem  as shown in the image below. I started folding the strip before joining the remaining strip on the other side. Please don't confuse yourself by seeing the above image.

Now we are done with the piping except for the neck.

Step 9: We will use the first method of piping to pipe the neck.

Step 10: Make four fabric tubes out of straight grain strips and attach them as shown in here. You can sew buttons and buttonholes instead of this, if you like.

Step 11: This step is optional. I did some embroidery to beautify the dress. However, this is not required if you want to retain the plain look.

Here is the tie-front finished dress.

Please post your valuable comments. I am eager to read and answer them.

Note: I made this dress by hand. I did not use a sewing machine. I don't know why, but sometimes I like (love) to sew by hand.