Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Sew A Baby Dress Tutorial---Part 1

Today I will show you how to sew the baby dress using the pattern draft I provided in my last post.

Step 1: Draw the pattern on the fabric and cut out. Cut open the center front.

Step 2: We will make a curvy hemline on the center front. Mark A, C, D, and F as shown in the image below where AB=BC=DE=EF=1½ inches. Draw curves connecting A-C and D-F as shown.

Close-up photo:

Step 3: Carefully cut on the curves on both sides of the hemline and remove the excess.

Now it will look like this:

Step 4: To be continued tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Dress Pattern Draft

Here is the pattern draft for the baby dress which I promised to post. Sorry for the delay in posting this:

Instruction for drafting:

Both the front and back are same in this dress except that the center front is cut open. I have also listed the measurements I used.

A-B = Full length + 1 inch = 11.5 inches
A-F = 1½ inches
A-K = 1½ inches
I-G = 1 inch
A-G = B-D = (bust/4) + 1 inch = 5 inches
E-D = ¼ inch
B-E = (bust/4) + ¾ inch = 4¾ inches
I-J = (bust/4) + 1 inch = 5 inches
A-C = G-H = (bust/4) - ½ inch = 3½ inches
C-H = (bust/4) + 1 inch = 5 inches
Shape K-F and J-H.

Use the links below to find the tutorial on how to sew a baby dress:

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Please feel free to leave your comments and queries about this baby-dress pattern. Please link back to my blog, if you use this pattern.