Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial---How to Sew and Attach a Stand Collar

While making the stand collar for this dress, I thought I could share a little tutorial on how to sew and attach a stand collar. This method is very easy and you can make the collar in a jiffy.

Here is the tutorial:

Cut out two collar pieces (one for the upper collar and one for the under collar) using a stand collar draft. The stand collar I have made here has curved edges and opens at the center front.

 Fold 0.25 inch at the bottom on the wrong side of both the pieces.

With right sides facing, sew the pieces together with a 0.25 seam. I have indicated the seam line in red in the photo below.

Clip the curved edges of the collar and turn the collar inside out. Now, sandwich the neckline of the dress between the two collar pieces starting from the corners of the neckline on the front bodice.

Pin the collar to the neckline as you go.

Whip stitch or hem stitch the base of the collar by hand, making sure with each stitch you catch the upper collar, under collar, and the sandwiched neckline fabric with your needle.

Your collar is almost ready now.
Top stitch the base of the collar, and that's it! Your stand collar is done.

Forgive me for the woobly stitches. Perhaps my sewing machine was in a bad mood that day :-)

I have linked this tutorial to the Link Party at Shwin&Shwin.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I found it just in time!