Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome To My Sewing Blog

Hi everyone,

I am happy to meet you all through my new sewing blog "Flowers and Flounces." I am a mother of an 1 year 3 months old baby. I like sewing dresses for her. In this blog, I will showcase my sewing creations and share what I learn through my sewing experiences. I have another blog, "Flora's Colors," which is about embroidery and drawing.

I love flowers. I like embroidering flower patterns as well as making fabric flowers. Although I grew up with my mom who has almost 30 years of experience in sewing, I learned only the basics from her. However I  often get help to learn some tricks and techniques. I developed (and still developing) my sewing skills from books and from my own experience. I have been doing embroidery from my childhood, but rarely do I sew. Recently, especially after my daughter born, sewing has become an obsession for me, and I am learning new techniques and experimenting with different patterns and creating my own patterns.

I made this dress for my little girl two days ago. This is an A-line dress with two yo-yos attached on the front bodice.

This is the front side of the dress:

Back side of the dress:

Yo-Yos on the front bodice.

Hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

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